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The persuasive power of celebrity endorsement

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Lorna TolentinoHow can you argue against a particular product when it is endorsed by someone you admire, trust and love? All things considered, it is hard not to like a toothpaste, a shampoo or a pair of shoes when that “someone” happens to be the celebrity you admire, and he or she is looking at you, and telling you to buy it. Celebrity endorsement is like a trusted friend telling us whatever new thing they’ve discovered and then urging us to go for it as well. And since we have no reason to doubt a trusted friend, or a celebrity for that matter, we take such suggestions or recommendations without even thinking about it. Of course, we realize that a celebrity endorsement isn’t a one-on-one proposition but a “one-to-many kind” of thing. A celebrity is therefore like a huge mirror that reflects back to us our own needs, wants and desires. That is the persuasive power of celebrity endorsement. This photograph of famous Filipino movie star Lorna Tolentino is an outtake from one of the many studio sessions I conducted with her. Through the years, I’ve photographed Lorna for a string of successful endorsements for a beauty treatment, a bakery chain, a bottled mineral water, a brand of cosmetics, and a fashion designer’s couture collection. In each pictorial, and working with a professional team composed of fashion designers, hair-and-makeup artists, fashion stylists, among others, I strive to create a particular look and transform her image to fit into the theme or the concept of the campaign. The image being projected for each endorsement is dependent on the nature and inherent characteristic of the product as well as the focus on a target market. This kind of photography is something that doesn’t happen. It is not something that is found. It is created.


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March 25, 2008 at 4:52 AM

Special Announcement: The new online blogs of photographer Dominique James

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Redefining his online presence, professional photographer Dominique James recently created and introduced six new exciting content-specific blogs.

With razor-sharp focus on modern photography and digital imaging, these blogs contain valuable and meaningful information that targets specific audiences. Previously, all information were dumped on a single location. It was apparent, however, that he and his audience has outgrown it. “I was looking at a more organized way of presenting and sharing information and photographs on the net,” Dominique James said. “Breaking up the presentation into separate blogs was the logical and right thing to do.”

While these new blogs are distinct and separate, prominent links can be found in the homepage of all the new blogs. These links organically and strategically joins all the blogs. Visitors can quickly and easily move from one blog to another. This means that while online guests can focus on specific areas of interest, it is also a breeze to foray into, around, and out of each of the blogs.

These are the new weblogs:

  • Dominique James, The Photographer – This is the official website of professional photographer Dominique James featuring diverse, creative and cutting-edge commissioned works that span portraiture, fashion, product, food, interior, architectural, landscape, travel and adventure digital imaging for a variety of advertising, commercial, corporate, entertainment, editorial and multimedia projects.
  • Perfect Photo Pixels – This is a website that focuses on all things photography such as practical hints and tips, techniques and styles, equipment and gears, software and hardware, trade and industry news, and, groundbreaking developments and events for the benefit of photographers from hobbyists and enthusiasts to the semi-professionals and the professionals. This website serves information, knowledge and opinion about photography.
  • Dominique James Stock Photography – As a showcase of Dominique James’ stock photography, the images here serve as a rich and potent visual device that not only expressly communicates ideas and emotions but also well-considered commentaries about the world we live in today. From wide angle shots to macro images, this is an exclusive look at our modern civilization as singularly seen through the eyes of professional photographer Dominique James.
  • Dominique James Fine Art Photography – Constructing a new and exciting visual vocabulary that connects with the viewers in a different plane and at a different level, professional photographer Dominique James presents a series of intriguing fine art photographic images in this website. The non-literal fine art photographic images are personal and private explorations and visual expressions of feelings and thoughts.
  • Dominique James: The Inside Stories – This is Dominique James’ intimate look into the fantastically singular but multi-dimensional world of photography. He digs deep and wide, and he explores photography in profusely unexpected ways. For the first time, Dominique James openly and candidly shares with you his innermost thoughts, views and feelings about the craft and art of photography.
  • Dominique James: One Red Man – Personal rants, raves and musings on anything and everything that is “categorically” not about photography. Is there a better way for him to exorcise himself of bothersome demons than by candidly and publicly blogging (meaning, confessing) about it? He has favorite topics of course, but he casts a very wide net. Expect a surprising motley of subjects to be tackled here. Although Dominique James is aware that this blog can easily and quickly turn into something that is awfully self-indulgent, hang around because from out of the whole thing, some topics might just be of interest to you. In such cases, enjoy these precious common threads of interests.

Other than these new blogs, Dominique James maintains his presence at other sites on the net which includes The Playground, Inside Aperture, and Aperture Professional Users Network (AUPN). Likewise, he maintains an online gallery at Flickr and a mobile blog at Tumblr. And as a long-time fan of Apple, he is the vice chairman of the thriving online community, PhilMUG, together with its sister site, PodCentral.

In line with the introduction of these new blogs, the previous popular online presence of Dominique James at Blogspot, which he religiously maintained for four years, have been retired.

Dominique James is one of today’s finest professional photographers now based in the United States. His professional working experience spans more than 15 years. He is a Nikon Pro Photographer, an Epson Pro Photographer, and an Apple Certified Trainer for Aperture. Worldwide, he regularly conducts popular photography and modeling workshops, lectures and seminars.

Send Dominique James an email at for inquiries, bookings, feedback and comments.

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March 23, 2008 at 1:23 AM

The naked truth about The Naked Bee

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The Naked BeeSuccessfully re-imagining a product is one of the goals of modern product photography. How can an established brand and an already well-loved product line with an almost cult-like following re-ignite the excitement of its currently established market, and at the same time appeal to a broader segment of a much bigger market? In this photograph I took of The Naked Bee’s incredibly sweet-smelling and best-selling Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion, I strive to create a new image that is a dramatic departure from the usual, standard catalog photography. This style of photography sets the product apart, and gives it a surprisingly pleasant and somewhat sophisticated or luxurious feel. This new image is designed not only to appeal to the sensibilities of the consumers, but also serves as a key visual element that heightens the experience when using the product. Check out the official website of The Naked Bee for more information and to check out what the buzz is all about.

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March 19, 2008 at 5:31 PM

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