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The ethereal beauty of an Angel

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Angel LocsinA movie’s box office success is determined by a delicate but decidedly heady cocktail of factors. To achieve top draw, the mix should be perfect. The public should perceptively view the concoction of big screen offering as delectably thirst-quenching. As everyone already know by now, part of creating an appealing movie theater entertainment is due in large part to who the celebrities who are billeted in the starring roles. Movie producers know this as the formula, and that’s why, they try, as much as their budget can accommodate, to pack a showcase with stars that are infused with very broad appeal–beginning from the top with the lead performers and then down to the supporting cast members. The business of entertainment is a risky one, perhaps, even as risky as playing the stock market. As a hedge against uncertainty, producers and movie executives naturally cast big-name stars that draws the most shrieks from a mass-based following. Often, how “hot” a celebrity is can serve as a somewhat good gauge or indicator if a movie will be a blockbuster hit or not. In the recently released movie, Angel, for example, the perfect star to play the lead role would be no other than, Angel Locsin. The movie, as a matter of fact, has been carved out to perfectly fit her. She is a huge star with a huge following, and with the addition of a powerhouse cast, the movie is already somewhat assured of a box office draw. For the movie’s all-important poster and publicity stills, I photographed Angel Locsin and member of the cast as ethereal beings. In the photo images, I coated and infused them with a gleaming aura that gives them a decided parallel association with titular heavenly beings. But of course, I didn’t stop there. If I did, the photos will look flat and uni-dimensional. I took the image-making process one step forward by twisting the photographic portrayal to actually show the deep character roles portrayed by the stars in the movie, and then, I even went further– by projecting them as simply their real selves. Can a person be portrayed as angelic, and at the same time, devilish? If you look at their portraits, at first layer, they are the angelic beings. But if you peel the outer layer, and if you continue peeling, you’ll begin to see something else entirely. That’s the fun, and interesting part of image-making. To see is to be deceived.


Written by dominiquejames

April 8, 2008 at 3:40 AM

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