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A fashion statement that is not so “Bizarre”

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This is a fashion photograph created by professional photographer Dominique James featuring Yasmin Kurdi for Bizarre fashion brand.Knowing the market is a very good thing. It means, you as the owner or the manager of the business, can make decisions and take actions that will address the market conditions. When you know your market, you can focus your attention only on what needs to be done. Based on a bunch of market information that can range from a wide variety of official and unofficial metrics to something as simple as a gut feel, the right business strategies and decisions, everything that makes sense, can be reached. This includes the right choice of product endorser. Whether a celebrity or not, a star or a model, or even just a virtual “nobody” from the street, any person depicted in a fashion and lifestyle advertisement should naturally reflect the market. Like a mirror, the market should see themselves in the persona of the one depicted in the picture. Bizarre is a brand name for a mainly unisex casual and rugged line of mix-and-match clothing. Through the years, they have worked with young pop stars photographed by the best fashion photographers. For their latest campaign, they selected two of show business personalities, a male and a female, to serve as its new image models. The female modeling assignment went to Yasmin Kurdi. During our studio session, and working with some of the most creative hair-and-makeup artists and fashion stylists, I photographed Yasmin as the focus of the image instead of the clothing. I created a mood that is a bit more sophisticated and romatic than the usual all-bright and happy and clean image that is typical of catalog-type casual clothing imaging. I wanted to set the image apart from the usual. I therefore decided to approach the photographic styling in a somewhat dramatic but spot-lighted style. As a poster and print ad, splashed with the “Bizarre” brand name, I think this image will effectively catch the attention of the market because it is somewhat different. Of course, Yasmin’s inviting beauty will eventually be the one that will hold the viewer’s attention. Hopefully, the idea behind this campaign is not only to update the looks, but also to update and reinvigorate the fashion line’s branding to continue appealing to its diverse youth market. The photograph’s appeal is certainly there, and for sure, young girls, whether a Yasmin Kurdi fan or not, will be able to associate themselves to the picture. In the final analysis, the goal of all this is to sell the brand, and many, many pieces of clothing.


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    Ignacio Galvez

    March 1, 2009 at 11:16 PM

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