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Professional and expert digital photographic retouching, restoration, and reproduction services

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This is a comparative before and after look at a photograph that showcases the professional photo restoration services of Dominique James and The Studio.


Some of our most precious memories are preserved in photographs. We peer into our past, and bring back to life our history, by looking at our cherished collection of personal photographs. In time, however, and if we are not careful with handling and storage, we can eventually lose our photographs. The photo prints that serve as our visual reminder, and as ou remaining concrete link to our misty past, will also fade away. Photographs are susceptible to various forms of aging and distruction. The ink impression on photographic paper can inexorably disappear with constant exposure to sunlight. The particles in the air can hasten the print paper’s deterioration. The repeated stress from improper handling and storage can result to unwanted creases, marks and breakage. The oils from our finger tips can result irreparable damage marks in areas where we press to hold them. And, insects can eat away the chemically-treated paper. It is sad, that with time, most of the pictures we hold dear, will eventually fade away. And even if we are conscientious, and no matter how much we try to preserve and protect our old photographs, time will irrevocably reduce them all into nothingness. It is a losing battle. And even if we are able to salvage the artifact by carefully preserving them using modern-day, museum-quality archival methods, and as they are entombed in an unreachable, untouchable place, we lose the opportunity to enjoy them. But thanks to the amazing advances in digital photographic imaging, we do not have to deprive ourselves from savoring the memories of our personal past. We can continue to enjoy looking at our photographs without the need to handle the original paper-based artifacts. Modern digital imaging technology now has the capability of effectively and accurately reproducing the images through scanning or photo imaging. And with expertise, using the most advanced computer software, the images can even be restored to its former, perfect glory. Old, disintegrating pictures can be saved. Photo prints that are faded, creased, discolored and torn can be digitally restored, edited and enhanced. The process of high-tech photo restoration, using the latest tools in digital imaging technology, is today’s best solution in saving our delicate photographic prints, and by consequence, our memories. Parlaying our collective expertise and experience in professional photography, and even as our studios in New York, Singapore and Manila focus on a variety of commercial photographic projects, we can handle exacting and high-grade photographic reproduction, restoration and enhancement. Beginning with high-resolution flat image scans and precise, even-lighted photographic reproduction, to expert pixel-by-pixel pushing and creative editing, our rare, old and tired photographs can be brought back to light and life. Please send email to The Studio for inquiries and for information on our professional photographic restoration, digital editing and enhancement, and fine art print reproduction.


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