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The fine art of museum-quality photographic reproduction

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This is a professional photographic reproduction by Dominique James of Jose Joya\'s rare male nude drawing.


Photographically reproducing priceless works of fine art is a demanding art in itself. From my years of professional photography experience, and having shot a number of valuable treasures, the entire shooting project almost always requires the implementation of a well thought-out project management plan. From start to finish, a clear series of perfectly defined action steps, involving many different people, is a must. It begins with careful transportation of the artworks from its place of origin to the place of shooting. This step alone involves many logistical aspects: packing, temperature control, security, etc. Once in the studio for the actual shooting stage, the focus shifts to precise camera and lights setup as well as all other involved technical imaging requirements. And then, after the shoot, the laborious post-production digital imaging work on the high resolution image files are implemented. The entire process is sometimes so complicated that there is always the very real possibility of something going wrong each step of the way. Of course, by experience, these can be anticipated and prevented. And since you are dealing and working with other professionals and experts, you can be assured that things will move along just fine. The success of this process allows for the wider sharing and dissemination of the work of art, without it being unduly exposed to elements. The accurately and perfectly reproduced digital images of paper-based fine art pieces such as paintings, drawings, sketches, illustrations, documents and others is essential so that it can be made readily and easily accessible to the public. Reproductions can be made accessible through printed matter and through multimedia presentations for scientific studies, educational purposes, artistic inspiration, and also for its entertainment values. [Notes: The artwork featured in this entry is an example of a high-resolution photographic reproduction of one of Jose Joya’s rare and valuable male nude drawings. For inquiries and for information on our professional photographic restoration, digital editing and enhancement, and fine art print reproduction, send email to Dominique James at or call 912-246-1131.]


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June 3, 2008 at 6:25 PM

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