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An exhibition at the New York Photo Festival ’09

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One of the images showcased at an exhibition of the New York Photo Festival '09.

One of the images showcased at an exhibition of the New York Photo Festival '09.


To capture the idea of change and to demonstrate its accelerating pace in photographic terms, the organizers of the New York Photo Festival ‘09 came up with the interesting idea of gathering and showcasing the images created by all types (and all levels) of photographers from all over the world in a relatively new type of photographic exhibition called, We Are All Photographers Now! Needless to say, I was fascinated with the idea of exhibition and the concept of its presentation. To underscore my interest and curiosity, I decided to participate in this “experimental mode” of digital, electronic and technological showcase by submitting a dozen photographic images from my recent works. My photographs, along with those of all other photographers, is a component of the New York Photo Festival that was held last May 13 to 17, 2009 in Brooklyn. As a show, it hinged on the premise that the change that’s being created by new and emerging technologies in digital photographic imaging, telecommunications, and all other related fields can itself be amply demonstrated in an exhibition setting, amidst all other more traditional methods of exhibition. The images for the We Are All Photographers Now! exhibit, instead of being framed and hanged in the usual gallery setting, was projected into a huge wall within the exhibitions area. According to the organizer’s website, “How we take photographs, manipulate them, share them, store them, and even how we pose for them—all are changing. Our tools are mutating quickly, promising ever faster, clearer, brighter pictures. Meanwhile, telephones become cameras, desktop printers morph into mini-printing labs, and high-definition screens threaten to dislodge the venerable photographic print from gallery walls. And all eyes of the whole world are only a click away on the computer keyboard.” Of course, there is nothing fancy about the whole setup. Most likely, we are already quite familiar with the technology that was used in mounting this particular program of the festival. However, what makes it an interesting project to participate in is the fact that this could be how most visual exhibition (photographic, in particular) will be presented in the future. This may become the dominant form or manner of publicly sharing and disseminating art. The way the photos are presented, the style and manner of presentation, the computer programs that automates the many process of the presentation, as well as the venue of such a presentation, are important key concepts in how we will most likely consume more, and hopefully appreciate more, photography as a massively popular art form. [Note: For inquiries and for information on professional photography assignments for editorial and/or advertising purposes, as well as post-production digital image editing and enhancement, please send email to Dominique James at or call 912-246-1131. Thank you.]


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