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Photographed by Dominique James. Copyright © 2009. All rights reserved.


Armed with an array of some of the latest and the greatest ever-evolving digital tools I can lay my hands on, I’ve been posting my photographs on the Internet since the digital revolution got on its earnest way. I must admit that there’s a certain kind of thrill in showing off all sorts of pictures online to the point that sharing photos can quickly calcify into a habit, one that I can see myself happily doing for a very long time to come—something that someone who may be so inclined to look will be happy about.

Through the years, the world has seen a proliferation of amazing online photo-sharing platforms, some of which I’ve had the opportunity to use in showing my pictures. I’ve tried many thus far and I’m most certainly game to the idea of trying out whatever new ones come along. As a matter of fact, I think it is always a good thing to keep finding out new ways of sharing photos online. Whenever something good comes along, I’d most likely be one of the first to give it a shot. This allows me not only to discover different styles of showing pictures online, but also to find out more interesting ways to engage my viewers. While there have been a lot of photo sharing trials and experiments that did not work out for me and for my audience, there are a few that, to this day, I’m still using. The most enduring ongoing web-based photo sharing site that I’m still using to this day is something that I’ve started more than 10 years ago. And the newest is something that I started just months ago.

Most professional photographers like myself, which is probably also true for the countless amateur photographers, would most likely prefer to just have a single place online to put up all the pictures all the time. The goal would have to be a single, magnificent online presence. That would be really tidy. It would simplify a lot of things. And it would be the ideal. But nowadays, a single online presence just seems impossible, and impractical. From day to day, photographer or not, pro or not, we now all make all sorts of pictures that we want to throw up and out there that just wouldn’t fit into a single online presence.

There’s our family snapshots, party pictures of friends, photos of commercial work, and fine art photographs. Each one of these is different from the other, intended for very targeted audiences and for very specific purposes. If I try to bunch everything up in a single place online, hoping to appeal to a very broad everybody, I’d sooner than later turn off every single one. The best approach is to apply the old slice-and-dice trick and then pray hard to keep things neatly organized. Put one type of photos here, another type over there, and another one over there, and then, keep the distinction clean and clear. Things have a way of getting messy as the days, weeks, months and years roll on. Images have a way of crossing over into places where they shouldn’t be, and we have to be forever vigilant to keep things in place year after year. It’s a little difficult at first, but once you get the rules right, and the habit going, it gets easier.

Since I’ve been sharing photos on the Internet for a very long time now and for so many different intended reasons, I’ve happily somewhat become at least more consistent in socking photos in all the right online niches. I’ve managed to cobble together some sort of systematic way when it comes to uploading everything in a fairly organized manner. So far, so good. But as I survey the online landscape of my handiwork, I discovered a gaping void—one thing I’ve never really addressed throughout the years of photo sharing—and that is, to offer easy access to anyone online to get to my photographs. For the longest time, I was happy enough to just show everyone who’d care to look at what I’ve been doing. But, through the years, I’ve been asked quite a few times how anyone can actually buy my pictures. I’ve thought about this for some time, and I think I was able to work out a solution.

Beginning just a few months ago, since I decided to make it easy for anyone to get my pictures. I did two things—first, to make my pictures available as downloadable stock photos, and second, to make the pictures also available as a fine art photo print.

In making the photos available as downloadable high-res image files basically for commercial, editorial and other uses, the first step I took was to survey the myriad of online stock photography agencies and choose which one to latch on to. Luckily, at about that time, I received an offer to sign up with Getty Images. So now, if you have a need for commercially available thematic stock photographs for your advertising campaigns or for editorial use (and even for personal use), you can now easily get and download my stock photographs via Getty Images.

After that was all set, I went to work on the second step, which is to find a site that will facilitate the easy availability to my limited-edition, signed and numbered fine art photographic prints. There are many out there that offers all sorts of solutions that will allow me to do this. And in looking both far and near for one that fits my needs, I’ve decided to go with Zatista. Once I’ve signed up and was confirmed, I initially opened a secure Zatista storefront with a few recent black-and-white photographs. A few days later, I decided to quickly add color photographs as well. These pictures are from my New York City photo series. And, more will be added soon.

How has it been so far? Looks like I’m all set with both Getty and Zatista. The feedback I’ve received, and the sales I’ve made, have been tremendously encouraging. I’m happy that I am connecting with more and more people who are finding me and my photographs online through Getty and Zatista.

So, if you are looking for readily-available and downloadable high-resolution digital image files for commercial, advertising and editorial use, look me up at Getty. And if you want to hang original contemporary photographic art in your homes and offices, check out my offerings at Zatista. (Hey, you can even send someone my photographs as a gift!) And, of course, I still accept commissioned assignments.


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