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When premium brands sell stuff on the web, specially clothes, their photography better be convincing. Unfortunately, it appears that not too many brands seem to understand this rather simple edict.

Consider 3 of the websites that I often look into:

1. I like the idea behind Bonobos, but their fashion photography appears to be rather amateurish. Though their pictures improved a bit this year compared to the past two, I’m still not convinced about the look, and the fit, that they are crowing about.

2. For some strange reason, I’m drawn to Lucky Brand. Lucky Brand obviously doesn’t have the best fashion photography on the whole of the web, but their pictures are nonetheless beautiful–telling me of relaxed, natural and beautiful lifestyles. They showcase seasonal themes that I, and I’m sure many others out there, can relate to. And so, I find it attractive enough to want to browse and check the items out.

3. Now, Levi’s–their fashion photography is something else. Sure they are a huge company with most likely a huge budget for fashion photography and marketing and promotions and advertising and everything else, but really, that is almost actually somewhat beside the point. Their fashion photography is just so smart. Their pictures are an eye-candy to begin with, but it doesn’t stop there; it goes on to exude a sense of what today’s lifestyles are, mixed with subtle hints of what’s slightly ahead and around the bend, and perhaps, more importantly, they tell viewers many stories that draws our attention in, and ultimately, makes us whip out our plastic. I like Levi’s photography.


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September 28, 2012 at 9:05 AM

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