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An invitation …

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Dominique James Photography

Hello! I am pleased to invite you to subscribe to my photography email newsletter.

It’s a brief, no-fuss personally handcrafted newsletter that you’ll get once or twice a month. It features one picture and one very short paragraph.

Please sign up at if you aren’t subscribed already. It won’t take a minute—you’ll then receive a confirmation, and you’re done. Also, please feel free to ask others who might be interested to subscribe as well. Rest assured that I take privacy of subscribers very seriously, and there’s always an option to unsubscribe any time.

This photography email newsletter is my way of reaching out to you. I’m excited to be able to share new and previously unpublished pictures from my personal and professional body of photographic works that’s going to be showcased on my photography website at I hope you are excited as I am with my growing and evolving collection of fine art, editorial and commercial photographs.

As always, I welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions. Feel free to email me at I read and reply to all. Thanks!


To receive, and also to give …

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This is an unabashed open letter of appreciation, a love letter if you will, to my online friends:

You, my online friends, many of whom I happen to personally know offline, are truly, truly amazing! You make me want to always hit up Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rest of digital social spaces where you and I are connected.

Despite what many might consider to be a magnificent waste of time going through endless posts, the next best thing to actually being around friends like you is to go through what you share online.

I really do take the time to look at your posts. I marvel at them. I am always eager to read your status updates, to see your pictures and to watch your videos. I enjoy finding out about the extraordinary things you’re doing, the wonderful places you went to, the interesting stuff you bought, the cool fashion you wore, the amazing food you ate, the thirst-quenching beverages you drank, the myriad of emotions you felt, the ideas you espouse or debate, and in between, all the other fascinating posts you re-share. I become one with you—in the joys of your celebrations, in the triumphs of your accomplishments, in the agony of your defeats, and in the pangs of your sorrows; in the wistful throwbacks of your yesterdays, in the measured, descriptive states of your todays, in the bright multicolored hopes of your tomorrows. Though separated by distance and time, and even if only through the prism of your selective online narratives, I do appreciate your in trust me, enough to be shared with, encompassed in your cultivated online circle. I marvel whenever you freely share whatever about you.

Because I am inspired by your thoughtful sharing, in turn I want to do the same. As you have shared, I too, want to share.

For quite some time now, I’ve been privileged to have been able to show you some of my pictures, among other things, and I can only hope to show and share more.

The way I see it, each picture I put up encapsulates a facet of my experiences too. I’m sharing my pictures because I feel it’s the best I know how to do online. I’m not good at jokes. I’m not good at memes. I’m not good at much of most other stuff. But I’m really all about pictures, and I hope you like them.

And so, for all the sharing that’s going on all around, from you to me and from me to you, I thank you!

P.S. I now share pictures mostly at, and I announce new stuff through my newsletter at

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March 6, 2014 at 4:16 PM

Homeless, no more …

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Screenshot 2014-02-28 10.50.45

For a longest time, my pictures online can be seen here, there and everywhere, but in fact, nowhere. I can point you a link here, there and everywhere, but where to really look can get really very confusing, really very fast.

The way it’s been going on, and the way I’ve been carrying on, you can say that I’ve been squatting online in too many places for far too long.

Of course, I’ve always wanted to have one of those incredibly beautiful, professional-looking online photography websites that many famous photographers have, where you can go and see all of my pictures. And believe me, it’s not because for the lack of trying. I tried it this way and that way, and then another way. But it just didn’t happen quite like I wanted it to.

I’ve known all along since early 2008, when I was living in New York City, that there is this one perfectly elegant way for me to do it.

The very first time (and the only time) I attended a group meeting of a small, special-interest photo club in New York that I was thinking of joining in the fall of 2008, Allen Murabayashi happened to be the guest speaker. He gave a talk about the best way for a professional photographer to establish an online presence. Yes, he was pitching PhotoShelter, of which he is the co-founder and chairman, but everything he said made very apparent sense to me. His talk definitely resonated with me, and I must have decided more than a hundred times thereafter that I’m going to go with PhotoShelter. Of course, it helped that Allen was so good-looking in his freshly-pressed white shirt when he delivered his talk.

I don’t know how many of the dozen or so people listening to Allen that afternoon signed up with PhotoShelter’s service, but I did sign up, and I did try their 14-day free offer. However, I didn’t follow through. Somehow, I was skeptical and hesitant, and I resisted the idea for as long as I can. I was always coming up with excuses, which was (thinking about it now), unnecessary and senseless. But all those times, through several photo projects and a number of photo industry events where PhotoShelter was represented, from New York to Atlanta, I never stopped thinking and considering an online presence with PhotoShelter.

In fact, I went on to constantly compare PhotoShelter with the many other online offerings of doing the same thing; and the more I did, the more I was convinced that going with PhotoShelter was not only the right way, but it was the best way. Always, and in comparison, all the other services fell short.

And so, about 5 years down the road, fast-forward to today, I told myself, enough of putting up pictures here, there and everywhere, but instead put everything together already in one, single place—a certain place online where you can see all of my pictures all at once, both new and old.

That place online, my place, on PhotoShelter, is now up. You can see it at

With PhotoShelter’s Beam, each and every photograph in my portfolio is beautifully exhibited. But other than just providing an “exquisite wrapper” for my pictures online, PhotoShelter is doing many behind-the-scenes heavy-lifting that makes it easy and practical for an independent professional photographer such as myself to have a really amazing online presence. What’s more is that I can now focus and concentrate on being a photographer. And, more importantly, viewers now have a beautiful experience looking at my pictures, and directly from within my website, an easy, convenient and safe way of ordering photo prints and licensing the images for personal, editorial and commercial use.

Yup, my online squatting days are over.  I’m proud of my new online home. With PhotoShelter, my pictures are homeless no more.

40 Amazing Online Photography Magazines

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Andrew Gibson, Smashing Magazine:

As an introduction to the wonderful world of online photography magazines, we put together a list of the biggest and best that we could find. You won’t find these magazines in your local bookstore, they’re only available online. From photojournalism to portraiture, from landscapes to lomography (and everything in between), you’ll find the most amazing photography and discover the work of some of the world’s best photographers, both famous and unknown.

Without a doubt, this is a great list, and a truly remarkable resource for anyone who has a stake into photography and imaging. And don’t forget to read through the readers’ feedback at the end–there are a couple or so additional suggestions you might find worth looking into.

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September 29, 2012 at 8:14 AM


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September 28, 2012 at 11:43 AM

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